Questions Regarding Bathing: Showering or Soap?


Frequently Asked Questions About Showering and Bathing

1. Is too much showering or bathing harmful to my skin? 

Developed by experts, all NIVEA Body Cleansing products contain a special combination of ingredients to give the skin a cared feeling and help to protect your skin from moisture loss. Showering or bathing is not damaging for the skin. However, depending on the skin type and the quality and temperature of the water, dermatologists often recommend not showering or bathing more than twice a day in order to preserve the skin’s own balance. Sensitive and dry skin types should also pay attention to their skin reaction in order to set their personal shower and bath limit.

2. How do I know what product is right for me?

Choosing the NIVEA Body Cleansing product that is right for you should start with defining your own needs and wishes and then combining them with your favorite scents and the overall mood you want to get into! The cream shower products can be divided into the caring NIVEA Cream Shower Gels, the perfect caring companions for your day to day life, and the indulging NIVEA Cream Shower Gels, which have special fragrances to give additional pleasure moments and to guarantee luscious “me moments” plus care. If you long for a feeling of freshness then the transparent shower gels are the right products for you. The transparent, beads-containing formulas combine freshness and care, because of the oil containing beads. If you prefer bathing, the NIVEA Cream Care Bath with the original NIVEA scent and its original caring ingredients could be your choice. Also for more specific needs (peeling, very dry or sensitive skin), NIVEA Body Cleansing provides the appropriate product . After that, it is now just a question of selecting the scent you like the most in the category of your choice.

3. How do NIVEA body cleansing products additionally care for my skin?

To ensure the best care, the complete NIVEA Body Cleansing range has very mild surfactants and its skin compatibility is dermatologically approved. Most products are pH skin neutral. In addition, a lot of products are developed to meet the needs of even drier skin types , like e.g. our NIVEA Supreme Touch Cream Shower with shea butter and macadamia oil or the NIVEA Crème Care Shower, containing oils and a pro-vitamin of the original NIVEA Creme.  Special sensitive formulas are supplementary developed for the most sensitive skin to assure tailor-made soft cleansing and care, like the very mild NIVEA Sensitive Balance Shower with natural chamomile extract and bisabolol –  with a mild and modern scent.

4.  How much bath products should be used when there is no information on the label?

A small "squirt" (max. 30ml) in the water is sufficient, but the product can be individually dosed depending on the required intensity (e.g. amount of foam) of the product.

5. Can I use a NIVEA Body cleansing product also for my hair? 

Yes, generally NIVEA Shower products can be used for your hair as well, e.g.NIVEA Men Shower products are positioned to cleanse the body, face and hair. Here, the good performance on hair is approved in product-in-use tests by men. However, all our NIVEA Body Cleansing products are primarily  developed to meet the requirements of your skin.
To care the best way for your hair as well, we recommend our broad  NIVEA Hair Care range which offers a various number of different shampoo products matching with different hair types. Especially longer, colored and/or damaged hair needs special care and therefore special ingredients. In such cases, we recommend e.g. the NIVEA Intense Repair Shampoo, the NIVEA Color Care & Protect Shampoo or the NIVEA Diamond Gloss Shampoo.

6. Which NIVEA Body cleansing products are best to be used when suffering from sensitive skin while being pregnant?

Being pregnant might temporarily change your skin’s properties as hormones influence the body`s water balance and your skin will be stressed at its limits. Now, your skin has to achieve best performance. Higher levels of hormones and the stress of skin elongation might lead to a dry feeling of your skin. Refrain from excessive bathing in very warm water as this will support the drying. Instead, experience the caring feeling of  our NIVEA Body Cleansing products, e.g. the NIVEA Creme Care Shower, NIVEA Crème Soft Shower or the very mild NIVEA Sensitive Balance Shower with natural chamomile extract and bisabolol. We can also highly recommend you our NIVEA Natural Shower Oil with 55% natural oils, which will help to keep your skin flexible.

7.  Why do bars of soap develop cracks?

Unfortunately, this problem can occur more or less in any bar of soap after long-term use. These cracks form when the bar of soap is wetted then subjected to long dry periods without routine use. But cracks do not affect the cleansing performance of the product. The only result of the cracks might be an aesthetic problem if dirt particles accumulate in the cracks which can be interpreted as dark stains in the soap bar.

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