Unveiling the Best Shower Gel Choices for Dry Skin Care

Unveiling the Best Shower Gel Choices for Dry Skin Care

Shower time - essentially known as ‘me time’ - is a bathing ritual made to pamper your senses. But should it be at the cost of your skin? That’s a big no right there. Your showering experience should not only soothe your senses, but also your skin. Hence, it is encouraged to choose shower gels based on your skin type.

If your skin gets parched easily, flakes off and is in the need of using moisturisers often, you most likely have dry skin. The skin can become dry due to lack of moisture content in the body. It can often also be dehydrated due to lack of water. To combat this phenomenon, we suggest using a shower gel daily that quenches your skin’s thirst and leaves your skin healthy and soft even when you step out of the shower.


Shower Gels For Dry Skin Types

Your search for the ideal shower gel for dry skin ends here. No matter which season, dry skin is an ongoing issue which can be combated to a certain extent by using the right skincare products. Here, we have curated a list of shower gels that you can use regularly to give your skin the care it deserves.

Shower Gels with Oils

Our collection of NIVEA Shower Gels is available in delightful fragrances. You can choose between the NIVEA Shower Gel Waterlily & Oil, NIVEA Shower Gel Frangipani & Oil and NIVEA Shower Gel Lemon & Oil. These shower gels are infused with oil pearls to give you smooth, moisturised skin all day long. The fragrance will captivate your senses leaving you feeling and smelling fresh!

Naturally Good Shower Gels

It’s one thing to hydrate your skin with shower gels that leave a moisturising effect. It’s another thing to use shower gels and remain consciously aware of all the goodness that goes into making it - right from its ingredients to the packaging. The NIVEA Naturally Good Shower Gel with Plum Blossom & Oils can be used regularly for a naturally moisturising feeling on skin. It is made of precious oil pearls that effectively nourish skin and the fragrance of plum blossoms has a lingering effect post-wash.

Shower Gels for Men

To make your skin look and feel great with every shower coupled with the benefits of intensive hydration, we bring to you a shower gel made especially for men. The NIVEA Men’s Shower Gel - Pure Impact Body Wash is a must-have for regular cleansing, especially during the hot summer months. It has purifying beads that provide hydration to the skin while cleansing it thoroughly. It is a 3-in-1 shower gel that can be used to cleanse the body, face and hair. Its fine scrub particles deeply cleanse the skin and keep it moisturised.


Make it a point to shower at least once a day to keep dirt, oils and impurities at bay while nourishing your skin with effective ingredients. Go the NIVEA way to take care of dryness, anytime, anywhere.