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What's the difference between our body lotions and body milks? Both soothe dry skin and provide smoothing and softening care. But while body lotions are lightweight and great for everyday hydration, body milks have rich, creamy textures and are ideal for those that need an extra surge of moisture. 
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Our skin is often the most ignored part of our body. It doesn’t often get the attention and care that it deserves. To pamper your skin, you must invest in a good body lotion to keep it moisturised and nourished throughout the day. This is especially true during winters when your skin is prone to drying and chapping.

There is a whole range of body care lotions based on your skin needs and type. Nivea is a leading brand in body care products for every skin type.
Best Body Lotion for Dry Skin for Women
The best body lotion for women would be something that can take into skincare account her every skincare need and provide the best result right from the first application. A good body lotion should be able to hydrate your skin even in harsh climatic conditions. 
Some areas of our body are more prone to rough patches and calluses due to constant exposure to heat or a build-up of dead skin. Using the body care lotion can you help you eliminate such rough spots and keep your skin silky smooth and callus-free. During harsh winters, your skin tends to dry up extra fast making it itchy and irritated. In such cases, it is essential to invest in a body lotion for winter that can soothe your skin, reduce the itchiness and make it supple all day long. 
When your skin is moisturised and healthy, it tends to radiate with a natural glow. By using body lotions every day, you remove the dead tissue from the skin and rejuvenate your body, making it glow naturally without any makeup.
Body Care & Body Care Products from Nivea
Nivea has a huge range of body care products that is ideal for every skincare need. You can choose a lotion based on your skin type and your skincare need. Nivea body care lotions approximately give 48-hours hydration even in harsh climatic conditions. This makes them one of the best body lotion for dry skin in winter. They are also paraben-free and mild, making them one of the best body care products available in the market. So go ahead and indulge in the luscious creamy body care products and give your skin the love it deserves!