Skincare gifting options for your significant other

Skincare gifting options for your significant other

You need to stand out and make a lasting impression in front of your partner. With February being the month of love, have you bought the perfect gift for your significant other? This year, try something new by indulging in skincare, for you and your partner. Skincare gifts are luxurious in their unique way, and NIVEA’s range of skincare gifting options full of the best lip care, face wash for women, roll-ons for men, etc will surely be a great choice.
So which skincare essential will make a great gift? Here are our recommendations for both women and men.

Skincare Gifts for Women

You can always leave women spoilt for choice when it comes to fragrant and luscious skincare products. Some of these gifts for women include the following.

Keep your face nourished with Milk Delights

Whether your partner has acne-prone, sensitive, dry, or oily skin, NIVEA’s Milk Delights can help cleanse the skin deeply while keeping it moisturized. They are available in turmeric, rose, honey, saffron, and besan. Enriched with the goodness of milk proteins, the Milk Delights Face Wash naturally cleanses the skin and purifies it from dirt, dead cells, and excess oil. These are a few great face washes for women that have a balanced pH level, close to the skin, that leave the skin feeling soft and healthy with every wash.
Keep your face nourished with Milk Delights

Flaunt your pout with Lip Balms

Which woman ever leaves the house without a lip balm? The best lip balm for daily use is the NIVEA Lip Balm that is enriched with Vitamin E and provides 24-hour moisturization. The lip balms are available in Cherry Shine, Black Current, Pomegranate, Watermelon, and Strawberry variants. They will give a little tint on your partner’s pout while keeping their lips soft & nourished. Make her smile as she flaunts her luscious lips in every picture!

Smell great, anytime anywhere

Women always smell great! Give your partner a fragrance that is gentle on her skin and also prevents her from odour caused by sweating. The NIVEA Deo Milk Fresh Roll-On is one of the most popular deo for women. It nourishes the underarms by gifting a soft and silky touch. Since it is enriched with milk essence, it nourishes the underarms for long hours.

Skincare Gifts for Men

Bored of gifting your man the same old wallet and shirt? Try something new this year by helping him take care of his skin.

Long-lasting Freshness

If you’re looking for a masculine fragrance, the NIVEA Men Fresh Active Deodorant will surely find your fancy. Enriched with ocean extracts, it will keep your man fresh throughout the seasons. It can be applied over the underarms and targetted area to provide freshness that leaves a mark.
Keep your face nourished with Milk Delights

A sharp face for a great date

Give your man respite from razor wounds, cuts, and zits. Gift him the NIVEA Men’s Face Wash - Acne that will fade away acne and scars by preventing 99.9% bacteria. This is the best face wash for men that barely takes a minute to reveal a clean and healthy look, perfect for the much-awaited Valentine’s dinner!

Keep your skin fresh with Shower Gels

Taking care of your skin is important, whether you’re a man or a woman. Gift your partner the NIVEA Pure Impact Body Wash that will keep him fresh from within, with every wash. It helps keep the hair, face, and body fresh. This 3-in-1 product is the best shower gel for men who need quick freshness by keeping it simple.

These skincare essentials are now available on NIVEA’s website. Get them before they’re gone and make every moment special with our curated self-care collection.