Preventing Odour and Maintaining Freshness in Summers

Preventing Odour and Maintaining Freshness in Summers

Summer is already here and by now, you must be all set to lounge around in the heat with cool drinks in your hands. While the season gives you the perfect excuse to take a break from everything and just lounge around the house, it brings along summer body odour that may sweat all over your plans and leave you constantly worried about not smelling good. 

With constant sweating, it might feel like staying fresh in summers is a tough thing to do. Worry not, NIVEA has the perfect solution to all your odour problems. Say goodbye to body odour and stay fresh all day. 

Roll in Freshness with Roll-On Deodorant

Roll-on deodorants are very helpful for those who lead an active lifestyle and are always on-the-go mode. When applying a roll-on, you can easily tell if you’ve missed a spot and this allows you to completely cover your underarms. Along with keeping you fresh all day long, the deodorants will also reduce the chances of your clothes getting stained. Make sure you allow your underarms to dry before you put on any clothes that cover it.
Using a women’s roll-on deodorant like NIVEA Deo Milk Fresh Roll-On will help in effectively fighting the summer sweat. It contains milk essence that keeps you fragrant and keeps your underarms nourished. In addition to providing you with silky soft skin post hair removal, the roll-on can keep you fresh for upto 48 hours. It also replenishes and protects your underarm skin with its alcohol-free formula.

Stay Fresh with Deodorant Spray

Using a Deo Spray is the fastest way to get rid of body odour and smell fresh. NIVEA Deo Milk Fresh Spray acts as an antiperspirant and prevents the odour caused by bacterial breakdown in armpits. It is packed with the essence of milk and gives your underarms the care that they truly deserve.
This deo spray offers long-lasting fragrance and odour protection with its unique formula that is alcohol-free and can keep you smelling fresh for upto 48 hours. The milk essence keeps your underarms nourished and leaves you feeling fresh with its long-lasting fragrance.
Keep Odour Away with Fresh Shower Gel

Keep Odour Away with Fresh Shower Gel

The body wash you use also plays a role in keeping you fresh all day. If it fails to clean well and does not have a pleasant smell, you will be stuck with that foul odour for the entire day. Use a shower gel like NIVEA Waterlily & Oil Body Wash that moisturizes better than soaps and keeps you refreshed.
It provides tempting freshness as the care oil pearls engulf your body in soft foam and the scent of waterlily stimulates your senses. It effectively cleanses your skin and the special Hydra IQ technology keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized. With long-lasting freshness, this body wash keeps you rejuvenated all day long!
Bad body odour can easily keep you down in summers and may restrict you from going out. Fight the sweat and odour head-on and stay fresh with NIVEA all summer!