Your 3-Step Guide To Fresh Summer Skin

Scorching heat, sweat and the constant urge to itch your skin is back and with that comes the need to kick your summer skincare routine up a notch. Why? Because your skin’s needs change with the weather. Don’t let the summer heat create an impact on your skin.

This summer 2024, ensure that your skin stays fresh, hydrated and fragrant all day long. We’ve curated some of our popular summer skin care products to get you into the habit of this warm, sultry season for the next few months.

How Can You Keep Your Skin Fresh During Summer 2024?

To make the most out of summer 2024, all you need is a 3-step skincare routine. Trust us - your skin will thank you for all the tender, love and care! Follow the below mentioned skin care guide for summers to keep your skin healthy.


Cool Off To Some Chilled Mint

Give your skin a break to chill this summer season with a product that is light, non-greasy and enriched with ingredients that your skin will love. Try the NIVEA Soft Moisturising Cream to stay extra cool in summer 2024! Its cooling, fresh fragrance lingers on your skin leaving you feeling refreshed. Enriched with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, it helps moisturise your skin leaving it soft and nourished. Apply it daily for best results.


Don’t Forget Your SPF

Want to head out in the sun but scared to scorch your skin off in the heat? Pamper and protect your skin with the NIVEA Body Lotion Aloe Protection with SPF 15. This product is enriched with 100% natural aloe vera extracts to replenish skin ensuring long-lasting hydration. In fact, SPF 15 is suitable for all skin types to protect against sun damage. Apply it daily whether you’re staying in or stepping out to save your skin from sun tans and discoloration.


Indulge In Fragrance That Lingers

Did you enjoy taking that nice, long shower? Make the fresh fragrance linger by covering your underarms with the NIVEA Deo Roll On Pearl & Beauty that glides effortlessly over the underarm skin ensuring long lasting freshness. Infused with precious pearl extracts, it not only keeps you fragrant but offers gentle nourishment to your underarm skin preventing chafing or burning sensations. Apply it after showering every day to soak in a mild, floral fragrance that stays with you.

Are you ready for summer 2024? Give your skin utmost care and nourishment and don’t miss out on the range of products catered for your skin type. It’s easy to find out, enabling you to choose the perfect products meant for your summer skin! Summer ready? We bet you are!