How To Shave Your Face In The Correct Manner?

Most men assume that their skincare is limited to just shaving gels and foams. Of course, grooming accounts for a big part of men's skincare, but it should not necessarily be about shaving, rinsing and stepping out. Men's skincare has grown from keeping one face wash to hoarding multiple skincare products.

Whether you are experimenting with your beard style or sceptical about keeping your beard at all, this guide will navigate you through some shaving tips for men.


Preparing your face for shaving

One would wonder why it’s necessary to prep your beard or face before shaving? It helps keep your face protected from minor nicks and irritation that flare up while shaving your beard. The best way to shave is by washing your face with a suitable face wash or a cold water rinse.

Step 1: Splash some warm water on your face.

Step 2: It is advisable to use warm water here as it will open up the pores of your skin and make it easier to glide the razor - Bye-bye, razor bumps.

Step 3: Pick a suitable face wash or face scrub to exfoliate the skin. You can choose the NIVEA Men’s Face Wash - Acne. It is enriched with magnolia bark extract that fights 99% acne-causing bacteria, giving you clear skin. This step will awaken your skin, making it ready for the next step.


Picking a shaving gel or foam

Once you have prepared your face by cleaning the extra dirt, your beard is now ready to move up to the next step - applying a shaving gel. To make your shaving experience quick and effortless, choose from NIVEA’s range of shaving gels and foams. If you are on the sensitive side of your skin, pick NIVEA Men’s Sensitive Shaving Gel.

It’s ultra guide technology will make every shave quick and smooth. In addition to that, this product is infused with chamomile and vitamin E to fight burning, irritation and redness while shaving.

Get A Clean Shave This Simple Way

You have applied a shaving gel or foam on your beard by now. Hence, it is time to see the best way to shave. Before we dig into the process, make sure to have a clean razor with sharp blades. A dull blade would not provide clean and gentle strokes.

Step 1: Firstly, shave towards the direction of your beard growth as it is easy and less painful for your skin. In most scenarios, beard hair grows in more than one direction. Hence, it is advisable to shave in the direction of your hair growth. Of course, you go against the direction as well, if required.

Step 2: Another shaving tip for men is to use gentler and light strokes every time. Most of the redness and irritation will disappear if you go easy on the razor.

Step 3: To make sure there are no hairs on the razor blades, rinse your razor under the water tap after every swipe.

Pro Tip: If you wish to shave an area again, do not just use a wet razor. Instead of going rogue on your skin, apply some shaving gel or foam to reduce irritation on your skin.

Ease your experience with NIVEA Men’s shaving range and enjoy the benefits of nourishing ingredients for fuss-free shaving.