Protection against yellow stains on underarms of shirts


antiperspirant protection

For men who want protection against yellow stains on underarms of shirts.

  • All skin types
  • Normal skin
  • Antiperspirant Care
  • Alcohol-free
Size: 150 ml

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Item number: 822450490126 (822450490126) Product range: Invisible for Black & White

NIVEA MEN Invisible for Black & White Roll-on gives you day long body odour protection while keeping your shirts free of underarm stains. Yellow underarm marks on your favourite shirts, regardless of the place where you are wearing it – at work, at a social event, or with family, can be embarrassing. Here’s a roll-on for men which gives long lasting fragrance but moreover, helps keep white shirts white for a longer period of time. Unlike other roll-on deodorants that mix with sweat to create a stubborn yellow mark around the areas where sweat pools, like the armpits, the NIVEA MEN Invisible for Black & White, has an anti-yellow stain technology that protects the shirt and your confidence while you wear it.

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