It's time to say #ByeByeBodyOdour

We’ve all had those moments where we’ve not smelled so great, and wondered what we did wrong! (Isn’t showering twice a day enough?)

Whether it’s at our workplace, at the gym or on the dance floor, we all have faced these situations in our day-to-day lives where body odour has come back.

You might make the right moves on the dance floor but are you making the right moves to control body odour?

There is no excuse for smelling bad at the gym. While you work on your abs, you must find something that works on your body odour.


Sometimes, women aren’t even aware that they have a body odour problem.

Sweat by itself is odourless, but when it interacts with microscopic bacteria that lives naturally on your skin, it causes body odour. And no amount of scrubbing or bathing can prevent body odour from resurfacing. The only way to ward off body odour is by controlling it from its source.

Body odour, when resurfaces, not only makes you uncomfortable, but also takes a toll on your confidence.

It’s time to say #ByeByeBodyOdour for good!

Get day-long confidence


SAY #ByeByeBodyOdour WITH


Whether you are at work or at home, body odour tends to resurface and catch you off-guard at any time of the day.

While most deodorant brands tiptoe around the problem and offer solutions that only ‘mask’ the odour, NIVEA Body Deodorizer addresses the odour problem by eliminating it from its source.

Its unique gas-free deodorizing formula helps prevent the formation of body odour for up to 24 hours so you don't need to reapply. Since it’s enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, it’s mild and safe on the skin.

The NIVEA Body Deodorizer comes in three special variants: fresh rose, fresh citrus and fresh petal to give you long lasting freshness, all day long.

3 Reasons to pick up the
NIVEA Body Deodorizer

1. Just One Application


Prevents body odour for the entire day with a single use on underarm skin.



More sprays per bottle.

3. Enriched with Pro-vitamin B5


Safe on the skin and keeps your underarms nourished.

Controlling body odour is simple!

Control the odour problem because talking about body odour can get really uncomfortable and can cause your confidence to take a hit. Don’t let hectic schedules ruin your social life. It’s time to say #ByeByeBodyOdour with the NIVEA Body Deodorizer.


It’s no secret that almost all viewers skip the YouTube ad after the initial five seconds. This video captures the scoop on what takes place, while the crew is wrapping up the shoot.

Anushka has been NIVEA’s brand ambassador for almost 6 years now. While shooting this YouTube ad, she was asked to wrap up in 5 seconds. Being a fan of the product herself, she insisted on continuing to talk about it.

And here’s how the film finally panned out.

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