• Overview

    Day long odour control and confidence, with just 1 use.

    NEW NIVEA® Body Deodorizer Fresh Rose & care with its gas-free deodorizing formula and refreshing floral scent, helps prevent the formation of body odour for up to 24 hours so you don't need to reapply throughout the day. 

    The skin-friendly formula enriched with Provitamin B5 is gentle and gives a nourished and hydrated skin feeling while the unique scent keeps you fresh and confident all day long.

    How it works

    • Day long body odour control.
    • Long lasting freshness.
    • Refreshing floral scent.
  • How to apply

    • Hold can 10-15 cms away. 
    • Spray directly on underarm and all over body. 
    • Do not spray on broken or irritated skin. 
    • Allow product to dry completely. 
    • Apply on skin for best results.